Playing Slots

 casino-picture-4There are many that seem to neglect the slots as a way of casino budget income, since they are pretty easy to play and there is always the opinion that in many ways the game is rigged, and the slots predetermine your loss. Of course this is not true, but in that way many people neglect a perfect opportunity on winning some great money that could be used for more slot games and also for funding your poker, sports betting or casino experience. However there are some rules when playing the slots that could mean the difference between throwing cash away and making some.

On first hand the rules on casino slots, especially online, are hard and don’t allow cheating when it concerns the developer and the casino. The random numbers generated by them and the algorithms that follow their appearance on the screen are heavily monitored by many legislative and company rules. There isn’t an online casino in the world that would take on tilting the table on your slots, just to get a few of your precious bucks more – they are already making millions, I assure you. However slots, as any casino game have incorporated in its rules a slight advantage in the casino chances. It usually is 49% to 51% for the casino. This is the basic shift that allows players the win enough to keep playing and the casinos to stay in business. The margin is just minimal and leaves everything in your hands.

Keeping that in mind – don’t tend to binge on the slots, if you spend your whole time there you will get even at best. Keep playing, sometimes you will win money, sometimes you will lose, but pouring money into them want change the balance, you will just end up winning or losing more. Keep playing casinoeuro slots, sometimes you will win money, sometimes you will lose, but pouring money into them want change the balance, you will just end up winning or losing more.

Maintain a good budget in them, though, for example it is always for the best to play on all possible lines available. Indeed, betting on fewer will get you through more games but you will never be truly able to cash in on that. What you need really is one good spin that will cut all of your losses and get you ahead. Spent the money on more slots or anywhere else in the casino, no matter, but get to that golden spin, it will eventually come. However there is no way to push it, sometimes those games are pure luck – don’t waste money on trying to turn it.

Live Casino Games

tableThe world of online gambling continues to thrive and with it come many technologies, that provide the player with really exciting new opportunities for more and more satisfying and complex gaming, embracing both technology and traditions. One of the best achievements that the modern casino player can enjoy are the live bets on actual tables streaming their content online and with digitalized betting systems. There are many pros of those, with almost negligible cons if there are any at all. The opportunity to play a wide variety of real games with a live dealer is really because of the following reasons:

First comes the great array of possible games – Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, all of the Poker varieties – you name it, most of the casinos have it. The experience is accompanied by a professional dealer, which is always a pleasure to look at, especially when it’s a gorgeous lady. But that could be a con, since they are always a distraction. The experience of playing at a live casino with Betsafe is accompanied by a professional dealer, which is always a pleasure to look at, especially when it’s a gorgeous lady

When playing such games you basically override one of the most questionable moments in the online gambling as it is – the RNGs (Random Number Generators) and their algorithms, since as advanced as mathematics and computer technology are, there is still no clear definition what luck and chance actually are, there is always the fair chance that all this games are well designed. The fair and just game in them is also guaranteed, but still there is something that you cannot put your finger on, but you know that it is there. Spinning the ball across the smooth surface of the roulette and the bouncing of the ball in the wheel, travelling great distances from success to bust. Shuffling the cards in blackjack, “burning” 3-4 cards in each game (before the dealer’s hand for example a card is left out), all these seem change your chances for better or for worse, but always for real.

In such cases you also lose the disadvantages of being in an actual casino – the time consuming visit, the crowd, the people who seem to get in your way when betting, the constant bother from some unlucky chap – all these had been forgotten by online live tables users. Also let’s not forget that you can’t find a casino just anywhere, US holds restrictions also on online gaming, but in many parts of the world rural areas and small towns often don’t provide such an opportunity. So go ahead and try those tables, after all they are made especially for you.

Top Poker Winnings

Poker may have moved past its absolute peak in terms of popularity and big money flooding into the game but there is still cash sloshing around the world of live poker tournaments. The first couple of months of 2014 have already seen at least 11 millionaires created on the back of winnings from top tournaments around the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the top success stories.

Mike McDonald

McDonald became the youngest ever winner of a main event of the European Poker Tour at the age of 18 and has since raked in over $10 million in winnings. 2014 has started with a bang for Mike ‘Timex’, with a winnings haul of well over $4 million through three million dollar victories. Mike’s been globetrotting this year and has scooped winnings ranging from a few hundred grand to seven figures at events such as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure to the Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge. If we continues this year as he has started it this young man will never have to work again before getting out of his early twenties.

2014 winnings: $4,327,428

Phil Ivey

Although trailing the overall winnings of globetrotting McDonald so far this year, the legendary Ivey is just behind him from a single win, defeating McDonald to scoop the main prize at the Aussie Millions event. The prize fund of a little over $3.5 million nicely topped up Ivey’s estimated career winnings which stand at over $20 million and ranks him second only to Antonio Esfandiari on the all-time poker winnings league table.

2014 winnings: $3,582,753

Fabian Quoss

‘Ze Germans are Coming’, might have a pertinent exclamation a couple of years ago, but is a little late now with the German Super High Roller gang having taken over the upper rung of tournament poker over the past couple of years, with Quoss at the vanguard. An impressive game at the recent PCA propels Quoss into this year’s league of top earners with a purse of over $1.6 million. This has been augmented by a few other smaller wins to take his total prize money for the year to just over $2.4 million.

2014 winnings: $2,405,791

Dominik Panka

Panka is the year’s breakthrough talent to date having come from nowhere to amass a prize fund of not much shy of $2 million over the first couple of months of the year. Panka burst onto the scene with a defeat of McDonald in a heads-up at the PCA Main event, scooping a massive $1.4 million prize before showing that it wasn’t a fluke by winning the EPT Deauville and adding another $272 000 to his pot for the year.
2014 winning: $1,794,594

Rising Poker Stars: Shannon Shorr Breaks into Top 10

Young gun Shorr has made a spectacular rise into the top 10 of the Global Poker Index 300 (GPI) this year, with his $190, 039 bonus from the Lucky Hearts Poker Open bumping him into 9th spot in the overall rankings. That win drove him forward another seven spots into the top 10 and caps a spectacular rise up the world rankings for the youngster.

Shorr has won the attention of the media by breaking into the top ten in a spectacular rise but there are other rising stars perhaps just as worthy of a mention. Athanasios Polychronopoulos, the eventual winner of the recent World Series of Poker although still in 185th spot has had the biggest gain in his overall ranking having accumulated a massive 77 place gain. Another player who has had somewhat of a meteoric rise is Paul Volpe who’s recent performances have seen him edge forward another three places to break into the top 10.

The top few spots however have remained pretty steady over the past few months with those occupying them stoically doing enough to cement their positions. The seemingly perennial leader, Canadian Daniel Negreanu has been doing enough to maintain pole position comfortable without securing and notable victories of late. His consistency has been enough to keep himself ahead of the chasing pack.

2014’s biggest winner to date, Mike McDonald still hasn’t managed to break into the fortress of the top 6, still in 8th, though will be knocking at the door with increasing force if he manages to maintain his current run of form. The 4th, 5th and 6th rankings have been steady for a year now with only a small amount of musical chairs between Dan Smith, Jason Mercier and Philipp Gruissem. 6th seed Vanessa Selbst is just managing to hold McDonald at bay though with the challenger’s current run of form that must be seen to be something of a losing battle unless she manages to pull off a notable victory in the next few months.

In terms of points accrued over the current GPI Player of the Year rankings, McDonald, young newcomer Panka and Dan Smith are leading the pack with Selbst and Mercier some distance behind. The rest of the top tem is composed of Alexander Denisov, Fabian Quoss and Ami Barer and Mustapha Kanit. Although still early days for 2014 the competition appears to be hotting up nicely.

Poker Teams in Focus: Team Betsson

This week we meet Team Betsson in our continuing series on the Casino Team World Poker Series. The profile of Team Betsson is boosted by a couple of star turns in the ranks, current Fulham and ex-Liverpool and Roma star John Arne Riise, and former Everton goalkeeper Thomas Mhyre. Team Betsson have been performing well above expectations this year and are currently in 2nd spot in the Series. If they maintain their current form there is a distinct possibility that they could confound expectations by finishing on top of the final podium. So, who are the players who have come from nowhere to do so well this year?

John Arne Riise

Riise is best known as a top international footballer, having made his name at Liverpool before moving on to Roma and currently back starring in the English Premiership with Fulham. Although relatively new to top level poker, Riise showed great potential with a 920th place in his first tournament, placing ahead of over 1800 competitors at the 2013 World Series of Poker. Riise is keen to continue his poker education and has some great teammates at Betsson to help him learn and perhaps one day show the same level of accomplishment on the poker table as he has on the football field.
Merethe Krone
Blond bombshell Merethe may not be the most experienced or highly ranked player on Team Betsson but this poker blogger and dealer from Oslo is one of the Scandinavian game’s rising stars. She’s been a keen amateur player for some time now and has recently made the transition into the major leagues with promising showings at the WSOP, BOM and NM.

Stephan Kjerstad

Kjerstad is one of Norway’s leading tournament poker players and the most experienced and successful member of Team Betsson, acting as somewhat of a mentor for the less experienced members of the team. Although mainly a cash-game player, Stephen has also had consistent tournament success over the years and is the Team’s resident pro.

Ylva Thorsrud

Ylyva is Norway’s top female poker player and has been playing tournament poker since 2006. She has finished in the top 10 of the Norwegian poker championships on three occasions and was the North Norway Omaha champion in 2011. Ylva is also a keen poker blogger and her writing is a regular feature on poker website

Most popular movie-themed slots

Movie-themed slots have long proved to be a massive draw for slot enthusiasts, with queues forming in terrestrial casinos for some of the most successful not unheard of. They’re also a top draw in online casinos and are now amongst the most common themes of video slots. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular movie-themed video slots you can find on online casinos.


Bally Technologies brought us the Grease slot game, based on the classic musical hit featuring a manically dancing John Travolta and his co-star Olivia Newton-John. The game is a 5-reel, 25-playline game with a minimum spin wager of only a penny, and a maximum bet of 300 credits. The top prize paid out by this game is one of the major components of its drawing power with 40 million credits up for grabs for anyone lucky enough to hit the jackpot. There are plenty of bonus features as well and the creators list the overall payout rate at an impressive 54.48 percent. Perhaps unsurprisingly the game is played against a backdrop of the original Grease soundtrack.

Star Wars Trilogy

Like the movies, this video slot is in fact a trilogy of three games corresponding to the original Star Wars trilogy: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. As you might expect this game is massive with fans of the movies and is arguably the most popular movie-themed video slot game of all time.
Each of the three games is activated with a minimum of 30 credits, so a total of 90 need to be committed for players to access all gaming options with each spin. There are plenty of bonuses which randomly crop up throughout the game to keep things interesting, including an Ewok Adventure Bonus, featuring everyone’s favourite little alien bear-thingies, as well as a Rapid Reload feature.
The bonus battle rounds are another popular feature where players participate in some spectacular galactic showdowns based on the most famous space battles from the film. These include a Battle of Yavin Bonus where players must fly an X-wing fighter right down the gullet of the Death Star. The second bonus battle round is the Battle of Hoth, where players are in control of a juggernaut of an AT-AT on the barren terrain of Planet Hoth. The rebels’ shield generator needs to be blasted away here. The final challenge comes in the shape on an Emperor’s Final Battle bonus where players can choose whether to go over to the dark side and control Darth Vadar, or take the side of the goodies with Luke Skywalker.

Jurassic Park returns as a slot

It may be some time since the Jurassic Park franchise has disappeared from the big screen but it has been reborn as a video slot machine theme with a major online casino game developer recently signing a deal to create a series of games based on the Jurassic Park trilogy.

Renowned casino developer Microgaming has come to an agreement with franchise owner Universal Partnerships and Licensing to recreate the classic dinosaur movies in thematic online slots. Discussing the deal, Microgaming’s chief executive officer Roger Raatgever explained the motivation for the deal as stemming from his childhood love of the film franchise and the company’s previous success of using classic film themes for successful video slot offerings.

He explained “It’s a film that we can draw parallels from in terms of our game creation and our aim to deliver the most visionary and imaginative gaming experiences to the end player.”
The games’ are expected to follow Microgaming’s classic approach and be five reel compositions with up to five free spin levels and a host of hidden bonus options to keep gamers hooked. The company is renowned for creating games with slick, top-notch animated graphics to compliment the gameplay which has led to them becoming market leaders.
As well as the Jurassic Park deal, Microgaming also recently announced an agreement with another film studio, StudioCanal, to create a video slot game based on the classic Terminator 2 movie. That game is expected to be officially released in the summer and is set to delight fans of the early nineties hit starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Movie-themed slots prove to generally be a big hit with online gamers with the familiarity and nostalgia of popular movies acting as a successful draw. Of course, it is the gameplay which keeps slot enthusiast playing and coming back for more but a new slot themed on a brand they know, especially if it is a favourite movie, is clearly a successful strategy.
Other successful movie-themed slots have included games themed on the Indiana Jones franchise, The Dark Knight, Lord of the Rings and Godzilla. But just about every popular movie nowadays seems to have its own video slot game. However, saying that, we probably shouldn’t expect a Dallas Buyers Club slot game to hit our favourite online casino any time soon.

More Bets And Cash Prizes At An Online Casino

Many more people are enjoying gambling using their favorite online casino. There are so many different online casinos to choose from you just never know when you will find one you like. Hall of Gods is a newer video slot machine game and it is turning heads everywhere.

You can win some big money with the bonus game that you will find in Hall Of Gods. Once you are inside the bonus game you can use Thor’s hammer to break shields. You can get the jackpots symbol or you can get coins and other pries while in the bonus game. The bonus game alone is one of the reasons why so many people enjoy this game.

Betting money with your favorite online gambling games has never been easier before thanks to the online casino. You can play for hours on end if you feel like it because betting money and wining money will never get old while you splurge with your favorite online casino.

Max Betting For Huge Payouts In Hall Of Gods Slots

One of the newest video slot machine games to hit the online gambling scene is called Hall Of Gods. This game will likely become one of your favorites quickly if you have never played it before. When playing this game you will be able to play one line or as many as 20 lines using all different types of bet levels.

This is one of the main features that really make this game a lot of fun to play at an online casino. When you want to spin the reels all you need to do is hit the spin button. You should only hit the spin button after you have setup the bet level and the current bet lines that you would like to use for the game.

A lot of people opt to use the max bid button which will basically max out the bet amount, lines, and coin value to give you a chance to win big. The payout that you will receive will be given to you based upon the pay table which will be visible during gameplay.